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The Sevenoaks Physiotherapy and Pilates Gym


The Sevenoaks Physiotherapy and Pilates Gym is located at Manor Clinic, on Sevenoaks High Street, TN13.  It is the home of Sevenoaks Physiotherapy, an unrivaled multidisciplinary health care provider.


The gym uses clinical Pilates equipment which gives the physiotherapists the chance to combine modified Pilates exercises with a regular physiotherapy treatment plan.  Physiotherapists and Pilates teachers work alongside one another in this busy and vibrant space.


Jadepilates offers personal Pilates equipment training within this setting and receives referrals from the in house physiotherapists and osteopaths.  


One to one Pilates for rehabilitation or general fitness is offered every Monday 9.30am to 5.30pm.


Shared sessions can be arranged upon request.


To book contact Jade       


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