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At the jadepilates well-being studio we specialise in 1:4 personalised equipment-based Pilates.  We tailor to the needs of our clients and help individuals to FEEL BETTER, move with ease, improve their posture, ACHIEVE THEIR FITNESS GOALS, overcome injury, relieve pain and discomfort.


We are a team of teachers all qualified to the highest standard, and with a wealth of experience.  Some have additional training such as physiotherapy, massage, gyrokenisis and women’s health.  All are certified to teach PRE AND POSTNATAL PILATES and special populations.

Pilates equipment uses springs with different tensions.  Depending on your specific need the Pilates teacher will choose spring resistance for support, to facilitate movement, or to create a challenge.  This challenge may be to promote strength, control or a new neuro-muscular pattern.  Whatever your personal needs and objectives, the equipment will be adjusted to suit you.  The Pilates repertoire will be carefully chosen and individually taught to you so that you understand the most effective way to move and inhabit your own body.  


This is personal training at its best!  Whether it is an approach that is advanced and athletic or relaxed and restorative, we will tailor the Pilates to you.  Classes are small - only one teacher to four clients, ensuring a high level of attention and teaching at all times.

1:4 personalised equipment based training starts with an initial one to one appointment.  In this session you will build a plan of action with your teacher. Whether your aim is to run a marathon or prepare for the birth of your child it is important to establish a starting point.  The teacher will see you move for the first time, assess your alignment and start putting together the best Pilates repertoire and approach for you.  You will learn the basic principles of Pilates and receive the undivided attention of your teacher. This is an invaluable start to your training as you will learn that the Pilates Method is about coordination and requires your concentration!



Some people continue with one to one appointments, for one reason or another. 

If you do decide to stay with 1:1 teaching please be aware that you are booking the level of attention with the teacher, rather than a private space.

In addition to our personalised 1:4 classes, we now offer 1:4 reformer workouts.  We introduced these over the summer and clients are enjoying the flow and fun of doing the same workout as everyone else.  It certainly brings challenges and gets the whole body moving!


Costs for 1:1 Appointments:

Single session £59

Three sessions for £153 (£51 per session) *Available once only

Five sessions for £280 (£56 per session)

Ten sessions for £530 (£53 per session)

Costs for 1:4 personalised equipment-based classes:

Single session £27

Five sessions for £128.25 (£25.65 per session)

Ten sessions for £243 (24.30 per session)

Costs for 1:4 reformer workout classes:

Single session £25

Five sessions for £118.75 (£23.75 per session)

Ten sessions for £225 (22.50 per session)


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