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Meditation, self-help and Somatic Experiencing.


'Turn your trials in to Triumphs' Feb 2018

Drawing on a rich background of psycho therapeutic techniques rooted in meditation and that include all of the person - mind, body, spirit - Maggie will guide you to gently face your block and find creative ways of transcending it to reveal the calm that is your birthright.

'Mind Detox' Feb 2016

Join well-being expert Maggie Richards for an uplifting exploration into the practical transformation of negative thoughts and emotions into a higher state of consciousness. 

Maggie will guide us through a powerful set of brain-changing practices from the fields of somatic psychology, neurobiology and non-denominational spirituality.


Feldenkrais: Awareness Through Movement and Functional Integration.

In a Feldenkrais group class or workshop the teacher talks through sequences of movement that work like a physical riddle. Each new movement is repeated and explored, enabling new neuro-muscular connections and the possibility to unlock chronic pain and dysfunction. 


November 2017 Awareness through Movement 'Releasing your Shoulders'

Our shoulders pick up and carry much of the tension of our daily lives, both physical and emotional. In this workshop we will discover and explore ways of releasing this tension, and learn strategies to maintain ease in shoulders going forward.

March 2017 Awareness through Movement 'Hands, Wrists and Shoulders'

"In this workshop we'll use playful movements and mindfulness to explore the use of the hands in action and expression. Come and discover movement sequences to articulate your hands and arms and integrate them to work beautifully with the rest of your body."

May 2016 Awareness through Movement 'Finding your Feet'

"Come and discover how to use simple movements with awareness to become more grounded and connected to your feet. Explore movement sequences which will relax your feet and create fluid movement in your ankles, knees and hips. You will improve your balance and return towards the natural freedom of movement you had as a child. Walking and running can be more fun again!"

February 2016 Awareness through Movement 'The Eyes, Neck and Jaw'

You will discover how gentle and mindful movements of the eyes can alleviate tension in the neck and jaw and create new freedom and ease of movement throughout the whole body.

CAROLYNE ANTHONY, Founder of The Center for Women's Fitness.


TCFWF Rocking and Rolling to Release. 10th April 2019

Rocking and Rolling to Release™

The Center’s 8 hour Rocking and Rolling to Release course is designed to use a myofascial ball plus gentle rocking movement to release fascia, muscles and bone restrictions.


This course will take the instructor or client through a series of body positions combined with rocking movement that will activate the body’s innate sense of fascial and muscular release as well as incorporate bone rhythms. Techniques using a myofascial ball are included


  • To understand fascial, muscular and bone connections

  • To use the rhythm of the bones in tension free movement and it’s effect on the body

  • To understand our primal need to rock

  • To understand how to implement this movement into class design


Overview of anatomy
Overview of the fascial lines and fascial body
How our bones move
Primal movement- circles, spirals and oppositional movement
The difference between muscle activation and joint movement from the viewpoint of release
Understanding the connection between mobility and stability in release work

The Rocking series includes-Standing, sitting, supine, sidelying and prone work. Hands on techniques are included. All practical sequences utilize a myriad of bones, muscles and fascia at one and the same time. The practical sessions will take you through a series of sequences in various body positions designed to encourage muscular and fascial release throughout the body.

The Rolling Series utilizes the ball in different sequences for back body,side body and front body release.

The practical sessions will teach you pace, breathing, focus and relaxation to further enhance the release of the body.

All practical sequences are designed to be integrated within your current workout session.

This course fulfills one requirement for The Women’s Health and Exercise Specialist Certification™
This course has been approved for .6 CEC’s from ACE (USA)
This course fulfills one requirement for The Movement Method Specialist Certification™


Pre and Post Natal Pilates, Two Day Professional Training.  May 2018

Pilates for Menopause.  Jul 2017

Rocking to Release. Aug 2016

Diastais Recti Recovery. Sep 2015

Aki Omori

Embryology, developmental movement and embodied anatomy

Exploring Hyper-Mobility.  April 2018

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